Total Dark

Total Dark was my entry for the 2018 LowRezJam. It came 24th which I was pretty happy about!

A barren space station. Something has gone wrong. Power failing. A lone survivor in hypersleep…

You are the lone survivor. You need to escape.

A claustrophobic survival shooter game by dancramp for LowRezJam 2018.

Tools used:

Music created in another project I’m working on, randomising sounds based on physics using tone.js and phaser. Laser sounds from a Pocket Operator Robot. Siren special effect from Orange Free Sounds ( Palette by Dawnbringer (modified 32 colour). Font by Kenney.

I mainly wanted to use this as an opportunity ti finish a top down style game, test out metroid/zelda style levels and test out the light mechanic. I wanted to test a narrative driven story, but that was kinda hard in 2 weeks and I ran out of time…

Thanks for playing!

Oh, I made a little papertoy to celebrate finishing the game too… If you’re interested, you can get it here:

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