I’m fairly new to game development and I’m still learning! I’m developing a few micro-games, heavily influenced by old games and with cliched storylines – I’m more concerned with developing a game! I’m trying to get a complete game (tutorial, levels, bosses, narrative) into a 30 minute playtime.

Total Dark

My entry to the 2018 Lowrez Jam. 24th Place this time, very happy with the result!

The Legend of Fangury

This was my entry into the 2016 Lowrez Jam. I got 5th place (1st for game feel) – really chuffed!

The Legend of Fangury is a classic action adventure platformer in the style of Metal Slug, Random Heroes, Goblin Sword, Sword of Xolan etc.

Defeat the Evil Wizard, rescue the Princess and collect 3 coins in each level!

Influences and links:

Tiny Platform Quest

The first HTML5 game I made, more of a prototype than a finished game. Classic platformer – avoid the traps and rescue the princess!

Once upon a time, 10 Second Knight fell in love with a Princess. The evil wizard also liked the Princess and became jealous of 10 Second Knight. To win the girl, the wizard kidnapped her and cursed the knight. You must rescue the Princess!


Twinkle: learning music made fun!

An Android app to help young people learn to play music

About Twinkle: Twinkle is a fun and engaging musical activity designed for children. It features a fully multitouch, full octave with 2 instruments along with 2 player, listen and learn modes which includes 6 well known nursery rhyms. Bright colours and fun animations make learning fun for younger people!

Get it on Google Play here:

Works In Progress

Mixed Up Words

A web app for helping to learn the structure of simple words. Built in Phaser.

Version 1:

P2 Physics Test

A test of the P2 physics in Phaser. Click and drag the building parts.

Version 1: